Fall Prevention, Gait, & Balance Training

Fall Prevention, Gait & Balance Treatment

Has falling diminished your ability to lead a full and independent life? Do you have balance problems that lead to fear of falling? If so, we can help. PRO Physical Therapy offers fall prevention & balance training that can improve your strength, endurance, and function.

If you have concerns about losing your balance, falls, dizziness or correctly using an assistive device then make an appointment at PRO Physical Therapy.

PRO Physical therapy’s goal is to reduce your risk of falling and keep you safe. Our clinical team will help you improve your balance, endurance, strength, posture and mobility while also educating you and your family/friends. Let us help you make goals today to keep you safe and independent.


Why Do I Keep Falling?

One in four adults over the age of 60 experience a serious fall that results in injury. Many of these falls could be prevented if the underlying cause was identified and treated. As you get older, numerous factors can increase your risk of falling.


Inadequate use of assisted device




Limited range of motion


Lack of strength


Unsafe Environment


Medical Condition


Previous Injury


Vision Problems

If you experience constant dizziness or lack of balance, consult a PRO Physical Therapy specialist who can recommend the right therapy for you.

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Fall Prevention?

A PRO Physical Therapy specialist can perform a comprehensive screening to assess your fall risk. We evaluate your medical history and home environment, and take an in-depth look at your function, balance, strength, and walking ability. A thorough exam will give us a clear idea of your condition and what is causing you to fall or lose balance.

We then sit down with you to discuss our diagnosis and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Our therapists take the time to educate you on safety awareness to minimize our chances of falling again. Feel free to ask questions and address any concerns. We are here to help you get back on your feet without the fear of falling.


Personalized Training for Fall Prevention, Gait & Balance

PRO Physical Therapy offers various balance and fall prevention exercises that can reduce your risk of falling and address your balance issues. Your treatment plan may include:

Balance Training

You will participate in exercises that challenge your ability to stay balanced. Activities may include single-leg standing, multi-tasking, and specialized movement.

Strength Training

Strength training can rebuild your muscle tissue, giving you greater endurance and control. Exercises are designed to focus on specific muscle groups’ function and balance.

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Endurance Training

We work with you to develop a progressive program for building your endurance. You may start with 10-minute sessions and work your way up to 30-minute sessions as your endurance improves.

Pain Management

You may have difficulty standing or walking due to severe muscle or joint pain. If so, we can integrate pain management physical therapy into your training program. Physical therapy can relieve your pain and improve your range of motion, reducing your risk of falling again.

Assisted Device Training & Education

Our team will train you and your family to safely utilize your cane, crutches, and walker in the home and community.  These services may include gait instruction, device modifications, and management.


Schedule Your Evaluation at PRO Physical Therapy

PRO Physical Therapy can help you get started today. To find out more about our balance and fall prevention services call and schedule your evaluation.