Patient Successes

Beverly D. – “The facility is very nice with plenty of room to spread out during therapy. The staff are very professional yet personable. They teach you the correct exercises to keep your muscles strong after therapy is finished. I appreciate this information so I can continue the exercises at home. Thank you for what you have done to help my back. I would definitely recommend PRO Physical Therapy to everyone!!!!👍🥇  February 16, 2024

Dawn Y. – “Amazing overall experience- so helpful & friendly, welcoming front office staff. Renee brought me back to life!” February 1, 2024

Dawn L. – “I am so thankful for the care, patience, and relief received from the staff at PRO PT. Renee in Draffenville was a lifesaver! Ease of scheduling, amazing front office staff, and an overall wonderful experience.” January 24, 2024

Dianne S. – “I have been a patient at Draffenville for over 10 weeks due to left side weakness from a stroke. I had no upper body strength, and balance issues when I began my journey. My dexterity in my left hand was at a minimum. The physical therapy provided by Wes, Rene, and Sydney has been so beneficial. I have benefitted from their expertise, and feel more confident and stronger. Thank you to all of you for my good results! The occupational therapy I received from Levi was monumental in developing left hand strength and dexterity. He was amazing, and, I thank him so much. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of therapy.” December 5, 2023

Tori H. – “This is the Physical therapy you want ! Jani really worked magic on my herniated disc’s in my neck . Now I have no pain or numbness in my arm and fingers.” November 16, 2023

Martha D.- “One of the best decisions I have ever made was choosing PRO Physical Therapy in Benton to do my re-hab. If you’re looking for a team that is professional, well-educated, and very caring, look no further. The staff there are the best! They helped me to reach my goals after having a total knee replacement in 6 weeks!  I can’t praise them enough. Thank you: Weston, Rene, Sydney and Kim!” – November 14, 2023

Sherry C. “I was referred to PRO after I was having pain in my back and leg from pinched nerves. The staff and therapists were very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. I have never been for pt before and they made me feel comfortable. They helped me tremendously and were easy to work with. I highly recommend them!” October 26, 2023

Reba H. – “It is a great place for any kind of therapy.  If they cannot help you, they will tell you. I went in with a swollen knuckle and a swollen finger and could not do anything with my right hand. I went in July it is now October and I can now move my finger and swelling has gone!  It is a very clean place and everything is sanitized. Luke and Jani are very good therapists . Chris will help you out in any way she can. They are very nice and funny!😃”  October 17,2023

Michelle C. – “Love this place great people that really care.” October 16, 2023

Diane L. – “I was referred to PRO Physical Therapy for strengthening after I had sepsis. At the time of discharge from the hospital I was in a very weakened state. The therapists were personable, knowledgable, and formulated an efficient plan for me. They were all encouraging and I felt they cared for me as a patient. After making progress and meeting goals I was discharged from their care today, and I’m so pleased with the strength and endurance I’ve regained! I highly recommend PRO Physical Therapy!” – September 21, 2023

Michele M. – “Good atmosphere, pleasant, helpful people, very good overall experience.” September 3, 2023

Joy W. – “PRO Physical Therapy has very skilled, caring, knowledgeable, professional staff! They created an exercise plan for me to get me back to walking pain free. I had dry needling that helped as well. My appointments were scheduled around some family care circumstances and they were so understanding of my special situation. I won’t go anywhere else!” – August 25, 2023

Olivia B. – “The best people! The best environment! They do amazing work and know what they are doing! I couldn’t believe how fast of a recovery I made! It’s always an adventure and new funny story! I cried as I walked out of the door on my last day…” – August 25, 2023

Courtney H.“I cannot say enough good things about PRO Physical Therapy. All of the staff is amazing. I have never felt so heard in a health facility. They believe in pushing oneself, but not overdoing it. They make you comfortable because they are knowledgeable in adjusting exercises as needed. I love how they use practical equipment and exercises that you can also do at home to continue to improve on your own. They are wonderful cheerleaders and confidence builders. I appreciate celebrating even the small milestones. I will definitely be back if a need arises and I will forever recommend them.” – August 18, 2023

Lisa A. – “You feel like family the minute you walk in the door and it’s just an amazing experience.” August 16, 2023

Lyn E. – “Awesome group of people. I was totally amazed at the strength I have gained since beginning with them. I highly recommend these people. They are skilled, caring, and friendly, and the facility is awesome.  Thanks for all you did and I will return when needed!!”  July 26, 2023

Brayden P. – “Absolutely amazing place to do physical therapy at, had a ACL reconstruction and Meniscus repair and ended up doing therapy here. Staff is absolutely amazing and kind, lovely place all around as well. I would 100% recommend Pro Physical Therapy!” July 5, 2023

Joyce P. – “It’s an Awesome place to do therapy. They are Wonderful people, very friendly, and a relaxing environment!! I would Definitely recommend this place!!!” June 28, 2023

Darrell J.- “I had physical therapy at Pro after a total knee replacement. I had a great experience here with physical therapy. All of the staff was very knowledgeable, positive, and friendly. They motivated me to achieve the best results in my recovery. I would highly recommend them to anyone with physical therapy needs!”  June 28, 2023

Zach D. – “I was recommended to PRO Physical Therapy by my orthopedic surgeon after a total knee replacement and decided to give them a shot. I cannot speak highly enough about the team here! They are kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and overall professional. Absolutely the best PT experience I have ever had!” June 6, 2023

Desoto H. – “I totally recommend PRO Physical Therapy after having planter fasciitis. PRO really helped, especially giving me homework exercises 👍👍!  The staff here are so awesome including one of em I’ve known her since I was in middle school and everyone I talked to here has a kind heart with lots of laughs.  So if anyone needs physical therapy and that is what it is your needing, give PRO Therapy a call 🤙 and they’ll hook 🪝 you right ▶️ up! I also give this place a big ol thumbs 👍 up and a one hundred 💯 A plus ➕ on everything I did here. Let’s give these fellas at PRO a round of applause 🙌!!” June 2, 2023

Tracy D. – “I would highly recommend Pro Physical Therapy!!! The staff is amazing, I can’t say enough about how well they treated me during my sessions. I received a lot more than treatments, I gained Friendships.. I just want to say Thank You!!!”  May 26, 2023

Chester D. – “I therapy for my back.The staff was very helpful and good at their job. I would recommend the staff at Benton very highly. If l need therapy again I go back to Benton.”  May 22, 2023

Melody R. – “Kind and attentive staff that genuinely want to help you. My husband has improved markedly after just a few sessions and we’re quite pleased with the results.”  May 20, 2023

Rhiannon M. – “They were wonderful to work with after Ethan’s ACL surgery! They were so helpful and kind. The staff was great about keeping me informed of his progress.”  May 16, 2023

Becky R. – “My husband has been to Pro PT for treatments of two different issues. He finished his most recent series of treatments last week. The team at Pro is great! Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and caring. We highly recemmend!” May 15, 2023

Belinda B. – “They are so kind and go out of their way to make you as comfortable as they can!” – May 13, 2023

Brad M. – “I would never go anywhere else. Everyone is always friendly and they care about what you need.” March 1, 2023

Julie Y. – “PRO Physical Therapy is one of my new favorite places to be! I feel like I’m working out with friends during every therapy session!”  February 6, 2023

Randell M. – “Great caring staff, personalized plan of care equals GREAT results!” January 20, 2023

Donnie N. – “The entire staff is so warm and professional. Excellent experience!” – December 5, 2022

Marilyn N. – “Very Professional and always there, “hands on”, helping you.  Best Physical Therapy  if you want the Best Results. Give them a 10!  Very relaxing atmosphere.” – December 2, 2022

Kim C. – “I cannot say enough good things about Pro Physical Therapy! I recently utilized their services after a shoulder injury. Every employee goes out of their way to create an atmosphere that is awesome. Not only are the therapists and staff extremely knowledgeable and professional, but they are also very personable and are truly concerned about the progress of each individual they are working with. I would highly recommend Pro Physical Therapy!” – December 1, 2022

Tim M. – “I am so glad that I picked PRO!  I would recommed PRO over anyone, they are excellent.  You get a solid hour of Physical Therapy and it was a great experience.” -November 23, 2022

Jim P. – “I have no pain in my legs anywhere now.  The staff at PRO was able to fix me when I was looking at having surgery.  I was totally shocked at what they were able to do with me, BUT IT WORKED!” – November 20, 2022

Joann M. – “Could barely get around and now I can move better. If you need physical therapy go to PRO it’s a lot of fun.” – October 15, 2022

Judy F. – “Great service! They work as a team to keep you motivated which helped me through my required therapy. Thank you.” October 8, 2022

Joann M. – “They are the BEST in  Marshall County.  They make getting better fun!” – October 7, 2022

Ann F. – “I would definitely tell others to come to PRO.  The environment is very uplifting!  I enjoy how the staff is communicating back and forth with one another.” – October 4, 2022

Judy F. – “Great service! They work as a team to keep you motivated which helped me through my required therapy. Thank you.” – September 28, 2022 

Jimmie P. – “They know just what to do in getting rid of the pain.  Treatments they have been using were just what I needed.  I have been to physical therapy before, but coming here has helped.  Ol’Jim said ya’ll are doing REAL GOOD!” September 13, 2022

Sandra D. – “Very friendly!  I have gained more use of my shoulder and arms since I have been going to PRO Physical Therapy.” September 12, 2022

Michael H. – “The entire staff here at PRO Physical Therapy is kind, friendly, and professional.  They care about you and your progress of healing.  With out them I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help.  Amazing place & amazing people!!!”  September 7, 2022

Diana L. – “PRO Physical Therapy makes you feel like family.  They are all so very encouraging even when I personally feel like I am having a bad day.  Have a knee replacement was not fun but PRO Physical Therapy has made my recovery journey so much easier.”  September 7, 2022

Carol L. – “They are all very nice and they work with you.  They set you up with a schedule and work together to make you better.” September 6, 2022

Bobbie C. – “If you need therapy, then you need to go to PRO!  All the people are so knd and sweet!  This is true, I would not just write that.”  September 6, 2022

Justin B. – “I have had a wrist issue for 2 years that had gotten worse over time. I went to multiple doctors and everything we did was no help. They said my next step would be potential surgery. I was recommended to PRO Physical Therapy over the last few months and my pain is gone! They have worked with me, educated me on what the issue was and how I can keep my wrist strong moving forward. 100% Recommend!”  September 2, 2022

Megan W. – “These ladies have been absolutely amazing with our five year old son and his recovery from two elbow surgeries! I could not ask for a better place to bring him to!” August 23, 2022

Katie S. – “These ladies are the best! I have had a lot of experience with different physical therapist and I will say this has been my best experience. If I ever have to have physical therapy again! I will definitely be coming to Pro Physical Therapy!”  August 23, 2022

Chuck C. – “Best physical therapy facility in West Kentucky hands down.  These folks know their stuff and genuinely care for each and every one of their clients . I was completely defeated with a neck and shoulder injury and I’m proud to say these wonderful ladies are whipping me back into shape and getting me my strength and range of motion back thank you all for being awesome!”  August 18, 2022

Bonnie S. – “I had fun doing exercises with these girls. I enjoyed it so much that I almost forgot it was exercise!. They made it fun but still were very professional. They explained everything well and helped me know how the exercises they gave me were the most beneficial!! If you need PT, go see them!! I’m glad I did!!”  August 11, 2022

Nova C. –  I just want to say that they are a awesome group. Renee, Kinsley, and Janie worked so hard to get me back to normal after having a massive stroke.  They are so caring and make you feel at home and not scared to get back to normal.  Thank you so much!”  July 18, 2022 

Bonita B. – “Amazing friendly staff made physical therapy a true blessing and I can walk heel to toe now without face planting.  Love you guys!”  July 18, 2022

Roger I. –  “PRO Physical Therapy used a variety of exercises that helped me.  I had problems with weakness due to a stroke I had a year ago.  If I had enrolled earlier I possibly would have had a different outcome.”  July 1, 2022

Barbara T. – “When I began therapy at PRO Physical Therapy I was easily fatigued, weak, and shaky.  My PT Plan was customized to address those specific issues.  The results have been life changing, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  I will be foreve grateful for the care, concern, and competency of the entire staff there!”  June 2022

Ronnie S. – “I have been to other physical therapy places and non of them can hold a coandle to PRO Physical.  The staff is top notch.  They treated me with Respect, listened to my concerns, and gave me the best treatment possible for a rotator cuff repair.  I will recommend them to EVERYONE who needs physical therapy no matter what treatment they need.” June 24, 2022

Carla E. – “I was having trouble with my shoulder and physically unable to do daily activities such as fixing my hair, putting on deodorant, or anything that caused me to lift my left arm above my chest.  The doctor told me I had a frozen shoulder and gave me two options:  manipulation or physical therapy.  I started PRO Physical Therapy and feel so much better now!  I was able to cancel my follow-up appointment with my doctor.  The “VIBE” at PRO is fun, relaxed, and I enjoy coming to therapy.  I would recommend PRO Physical Therapy to everyone! ”  May 24, 2022

Debra D. – “When I started coming to PRO Physical Therapy the first thing I noticed was how nice everyone was. Everyone was so friendly and always welcomed me when I walked in the door and the whole time I was here. I can’t praise it enough because it made me feel better. I look forward to coming to therapy. Their motto is perfect, move better, be better!”  May 12, 2022

Michelle T. – “Today I got physical with my heel….physical therapy that is!!  And WOW do I feel 100%!!  I started with PRO Physical Therapy (the new place right off the Draffenville exit) with some stretching exercises with an awesome lady named Rene Bowles, PTA.”  April 27, 2022

Pat D. – “They challenge me but I always have fun! They are the BEST, the FRIENDLIEST, and the MOST FUN to work with!”  April 20, 2022

Mary L. – “I highly recommend these ladies! They keep me motivated and definitely lift me up on the bad days. I have never liked going to physical therapy until now. I can honestly say I love going and I look forward to the time I spend there. And they don’t stop at inspirational! They are genuinely friendly, down to earth, empathetic and show care and concern! I would 100% recommend them!!!”  April 15, 2022

Robin C. – “When my daughter was recently injured while cheerleading, we were so worried. After meeting with the team at Pro Physical Therapy, our worries were put to rest seeing their compassion and dedication in working with her. She has now made a full recovery and is back to doing what she loves, thanks to the amazing job by Pro!”  April 14, 2022

Rebecca D. – “If you really want to get better you go to Jani at PRO Physical Therapy.  Jani knows her business.  It is because of her attitude that helps our attitude.  It is more than just a job to her!” March 15, 2022

Kevin D. – “My visit to PRO Physical Therapy was a great success!  I limped in with calf muscle issues and after having Dry Needling on my leg, I was able to continue officiating without missing any time at all.  Thank you to Jani and her staff for all the help!”  February 10, 2022

Abby G. – “Dry needling was amazing!”  February 9, 2022

Jeffery S. – “Great facility and amazing staff!”  February 1, 2022

Client Comments from Survey:

“Amazing team that makes it more than just about your PT, you become family.”

“PRO Physical Therapy cares about its patients not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  All 3 components are important for a balanced recovery.”

“I am completely satisfied with the results I got after going to PRO Physical Therapy. They were very helpful and explained how the exercises were going to benefit me. I am recommending them to others as I have opportunity.”

“Great team, very synchronized in their approach to treating clients in a cheerful, fun setting!”

“The facility and staff are wonderful!”

 “PRO Physical Therapy got me in quickly to address my problem. Within two visits I was out of pain.  I continue doing suggested exercises daily that are very helpful.  I would highly recommend PRO Physical Therapy.” 

“Best group of people ever!”

“Excellent staff and great customer service!  I was a little nervous about the needling procedure, but Jani was great.  I never felt a thing and it helped my neck and shoulder tremendously.”

“The staff and facility are great.  They got me back to my normal quickly even though I wasn’t your typical patient.  They help and adapted equipment to meet my daily living errands and that meant a great deal to me.  Thanks for all the help.”

“Very professional and knowledgeable about my needs. They made me feel comfortable as they took care of me.”

“The ladies at PRO Physical Therapy are simply the best, they did great with my sons PT.”

“Hands down, the best therapy environment I have ever been in. Staff is so focused on getting you back to being healthy and happy. Side note, therapist have excellent taste in music.”

“The staff at Pro Physical Therapy made me feel at home the first time I walked in. I was treated with respect and kindness. In fact, I felt each employee was a life-long friend. These ladies are the best. My back is more stable than it has been in years, and it is because of the expert care I received. Thank you all for your help and understanding. The dry needling has helped my back so much, and it is painless. Thanks so much for your expert care.”


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