Patient Successes

Nova C. –  I just want to say that they are a awesome group. Renee, Kinsley, and Janie worked so hard to get me back to normal after having a massive stroke.  They are so caring and make you feel at home and not scared to get back to normal.  Thank you so much!”  July 18, 2022 

Bonita B. – “Amazing friendly staff made physical therapy a true blessing and I can walk heel to toe now without face planting.  Love you guys!”  July 18, 2022

Roger I. –  “PRO Physical Therapy used a variety of exercises that helped me.  I had problems with weakness due to a stroke I had a year ago.  If I had enrolled earlier I possibly would have had a different outcome.”  July 1, 2022

Barbara T. – “When I began therapy at PRO Physical Therapy I was easily fatigued, weak, and shaky.  My PT Plan was customized to address those specific issues.  The results have been life changing, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  I will be foreve grateful for the care, concern, and competency of the entire staff there!”  June 2022

Ronnie S. – “I have been to other physical therapy places and non of them can hold a coandle to PRO Physical.  The staff is top notch.  They treated me with Respect, listened to my concerns, and gave me the best treatment possible for a rotator cuff repair.  I will recommend them to EVERYONE who needs physical therapy no matter what treatment they need.” June 24, 2022

Carla E. – “I was having trouble with my shoulder and physically unable to do daily activities such as fixing my hair, putting on deodorant, or anything that caused me to lift my left arm above my chest.  The doctor told me I had a frozen shoulder and gave me two options:  manipulation or physical therapy.  I started PRO Physical Therapy and feel so much better now!  I was able to cancel my follow-up appointment with my doctor.  The “VIBE” at PRO is fun, relaxed, and I enjoy coming to therapy.  I would recommend PRO Physical Therapy to everyone! ”  May 24, 2022

Debra D. – “When I started coming to PRO Physical Therapy the first thing I noticed was how nice everyone was. Everyone was so friendly and always welcomed me when I walked in the door and the whole time I was here. I can’t praise it enough because it made me feel better. I look forward to coming to therapy. Their motto is perfect, move better, be better!”  May 12, 2022

Michelle T. – “Today I got physical with my heel….physical therapy that is!!  And WOW do I feel 100%!!  I started with PRO Physical Therapy (the new place right off the Draffenville exit) with some stretching exercises with an awesome lady named Rene Bowles, PTA.”  April 27, 2022

Pat D. – “They challenge me but I always have fun! They are the BEST, the FRIENDLIEST, and the MOST FUN to work with!”  April 20, 2022

Mary L. – “I highly recommend these ladies! They keep me motivated and definitely lift me up on the bad days. I have never liked going to physical therapy until now. I can honestly say I love going and I look forward to the time I spend there. And they don’t stop at inspirational! They are genuinely friendly, down to earth, empathetic and show care and concern! I would 100% recommend them!!!”  April 15, 2022

Robin C. – “When my daughter was recently injured while cheerleading, we were so worried. After meeting with the team at Pro Physical Therapy, our worries were put to rest seeing their compassion and dedication in working with her. She has now made a full recovery and is back to doing what she loves, thanks to the amazing job by Pro!”  April 14, 2022

Rebecca D. – “If you really want to get better you go to Jani at PRO Physical Therapy.  Jani knows her business.  It is because of her attitude that helps our attitude.  It is more than just a job to her!” March 15, 2022

Kevin D. – “My visit to PRO Physical Therapy was a great success!  I limped in with calf muscle issues and after having Dry Needling on my leg, I was able to continue officiating without missing any time at all.  Thank you to Jani and her staff for all the help!”  February 10, 2022

Abby G. – “Dry needling was amazing!”  February 9, 2022

Jeffery S. – “Great facility and amazing staff!”  February 1, 2022

Client Comments from Survey:

“The facility and staff are wonderful!”


“PRO Physical Therapy got me in quickly to address my problem. Within two visits I was out of pain.  I continue doing suggested exercises daily that are very helpful.  I would highly recommend PRO Physical Therapy.”


“Best group of people ever!”


“Excellent staff and great customer service!  I was a little nervous about the needling procedure, but Jani was great.  I never felt a thing and it helped my neck and shoulder tremendously.”


“The staff and facility are great.  They got me back to my normal quickly even though I wasn’t your typical patient.  They help and adapted equipment to meet my daily living errands and that meant a great deal to me.  Thanks for all the help.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable about my needs. They made me feel comfortable as they took care of me.”

“The ladies at PRO Physical Therapy are simply the best, they did great with my sons PT.”


“Hands down, the best therapy environment I have ever been in. Staff is so focused on getting you back to being healthy and happy. Side note, therapist have excellent taste in music.”

“The staff at Pro Physical Therapy made me feel at home the first time I walked in. I was treated with respect and kindness. In fact, I felt each employee was a life-long friend. These ladies are the best. My back is more stable than it has been in years, and it is because of the expert care I received. Thank you all for your help and understanding. The dry needling has helped my back so much, and it is painless. Thanks so much for your expert care.”


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