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Physical and Occupational Therapy for Kentucky Worker’s Compensation

If you were injured on the job and need treatment for chronic pain, your Kentucky Worker’s Compensation benefit may cover physical or occupational  therapy as a part of your rehabilitation. You may have access to physical and occupational therapy as either an alternative or supplement to a surgical procedure. These can be effective in helping you return to work.

PRO Physical Therapy understands the frustration and pain you may feel after getting injured in the workplace. To find out more about our worker’s rehabilitation program, call us and schedule an initial evaluation.

Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Programs

Workers compensation treatment can also involve work conditioning and work hardening programs.  These program allow a patient to perform 2 to 8 hours of general and job specific conditioning to assist with safety, return to work, strength and endurance.

What is Work Conditioning?

Work conditioning is a work related, goal-oriented treatment program to return a person back to work. The program involves 2-4 hours of exercises, functional activities and work specific tasks designed to improve work related performance, strength, range of motion and endurance.   Benefits include: decrease pain and stiffness, increase your overall strength and endurance, discovery of what activities at work you can do safely, and practice of proper posture and body mechanics.

What is Work Hardening?

Work hardening is a structured and individualized work specific program designed to return a person back to work. The program simulates work activities for 4 to 8 hours addressing necessary functional skills, strength, range of motion and endurance required for on the job.


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