Ergonomics! Prevent Pain at Your Desk

We commonly believe an office job is better on our bodies than if we must use our hands and get dirty. Well folks, that’s not always true.  I have said before, “motion is lotion” and when we sit at a computer or desk all day, we are susceptible to aches and pain. We’re even more likely to complain if our workstation is not set up correctly. Our bodies were built to use our joints and muscles to be active.


Here are tips to help you prevent pain while needing to work at your desk.

  1. MOVE: It’s so important to get out of your seat.  Take a short walk to the bathroom, twist your trunk, lift your arms overhead or turn your head. Do anything for at least 30 seconds to get your joints and muscles moving.
  2. CHAIR: If at all possible, make sure your chair has an adjustable height. Arm rests are a bonus if they are adjustable too. Having a base that twists and a chair on wheels can also decrease strain on your body. It’s also great addition if there is a lumbar support which appropriately fits your back.
  3. COMPUTER MONITOR: The monitor should be eye level. If you are needing to look down or up to view your screen you are placing added stress on your spine. Also make sure the screen is a suitable distance for your vision. Make sure you are not straining your eyes to view your screen, which makes you want to lean forward.
  4. KEYBOARD: Make sure the keyboard is at a height that allows you to keep your shoulders relaxed and allows your arms to rest comfortably. A good rule of thumb is to have your elbows at approximately 90-degree angle. Also make sure you are not reaching for your keyboard at your desk.
  5. ADJUSTABLE TABLE: This is not always a possibility but having the choice to sit or stand to work is a winning answer. It allows to continue to work but change positions throughout the day.

If you have questions about your desk set-up don’t hesitate to ask a physical therapist at PRO Physical Therapy.  A therapist at PRO can also help with educating you on exercises that help with mobility and core strength. At PRO we believe in keeping patients safe and functional. Stayed tuned for our blogs on spine mobility.

Stay fit, motivated, and challenged!   

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