Having a Strong Core in Your Golf Swing

I’m sure you have heard the term “core” in reference to the body.


The core is made up of the muscles of the torso including abdominals, chest, muscles of the back, and muscles that stabilize the hips. These muscle groups are important for everyday activity but especially important with physical activity and in sports. In a golf swing the core muscles are critical for support to prevent injury along with producing power.

The core muscles can be worked out in a variety of ways. A golfer should train these muscles in a way that prepares them for power, torque and endurance while maintaining proper mobility during the golf swing. We will discuss a few good exercises that target the desired muscles and are functional for all golfers no matter the skill level.

Bridges with External Rotation at Peak

This exercise targets the gluteal (buttocks) muscles that are essential for producing power during the golf swing. Tighten your lower abdominal muscles, squeeze your buttocks and raise your buttocks off the floor at peak press legs outward against band then return and lower to floor.


Bird Dogs

Exercise that provides stability in the shoulders, trunk and hips critical throughout the entirety of the golf swing. In a hands and knees position tighten/brace at your abdominal muscles and then slowly lift a leg and opposite arm upwards. Lower leg and arm down and then repeat with opposite side.


Half Kneeling Resisted Rotations

Targets the abdominal muscles and prepares the body for rotation that occurs in the swing. Kneeling while holding a band or cable from weight machine. Hold away from body as shown in image and twist upper body and hips away from machine/band over the knee that is elevated.


Lunge with Twist

An exercise that targets the large muscle groups in the legs and abdominals used to produce power in the swing. Begin by standing and holding a medicine ball at chest height. Next, take a step forward into a lunge as you extend your arms forward to straighten your elbows, rotate your arms and trunk to the forward-foot-side. Then return to the lunge position with the ball and your trunk facing forward. Switch to the other side.



Targets abdominals and obliques in preparation for the stresses placed during the swing. Can be done with elastic band, cable or medicine ball. Start with arms overhead on one side of the body and bring in a diagonal pattern toward the other side of the body in a fast and controlled manner.


Med Ball Slams

Explosive movement to increase power in the golf swing.

Start in the squatted position while holding a medicine ball overhead. Next, throw the ball down to the ground.


Incorporating these exercises in your workout will help you feel more comfortable with your golf swing and hit the ball further. At PRO Physical Therapy we want you to play at your highest level while preventing injury. If you have any questions or want to learn more about ways that you can strengthen the core muscles give us a call at 270-252-7600.

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