Total Knee Replacement and Pre-Operative Preparation

No one wants to have knee surgery, but often it’s the best choice for quality of life and pain.


No one wants to have knee surgery however sometimes it’s the best option for quality of life and pain.  A total knee replacement also known as a total knee arthroplasty, has become a routine surgery. Based on current research, nearly 600,000 individuals have a knee replacement each year in the United States.

The AAOS (American Academy Orthopedic Surgeon) states that 90% of knee replacements are still functioning 15 years after surgery and 82% 25 years later. Those are good statistics. For most people successful knee replacement leads to better mobility, better function and less pain.

How do you prepare for total knee surgery and encourage a successful outcome?  I am physical therapist, and not to be biased but current research recommends having one to two pre-operative therapy visits prior to surgery.  Educating and teaching patients exercises that assist in improving mobility and strength is critical.  There is direct association between pre-operative care and post operative recovery.

There are many exercises that can be recommended outside of general condition such as bikeing, walking or aquatics. If you are having a total knee replacement, ask a therapist at PRO Physical Therapy what exercises would be best for you.

Start your path to success by completing quadriceps sets (thigh presses). Start with 10 repetitions 3 times a day, if well tolerated you can increase your repetitions by 5-10 more each week.

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