Dynamic Warm-Up? What, How and Why?

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Dynamic Warm-Up? What, How and Why?

    What is a Dynamic Warm-Up?
    A dynamic warm-up is a series of active movements performed to assist in
    restoring flexibility in your muscles and mobility in your joints. A dynamic
    warm-up is more than jogging up and down a field.

    How do you perform a Dynamic Warm-Up?
    There are 100 different ways to perform a dynamic warm-up. The safest
    practice is to start with low impact or basic movements and gradually
    incorporate more high impact tasks. At the end of your dynamic warm-up,
    your heart rate should be elevated, you should be breathing harder, and you
    should be sweating. A dynamic warm-up should take around 10 minutes.

    Why do you perform a Dynamic Warm-Up?
    A dynamic warm-up is key to preparing your body for vigorous activities that
    may include sports, races, lifting, or preparing for a high demanding job. A
    dynamic warm-up is also key to keeping your body injury free.

    Positive Effects of Preforming a Dynamic Warmup:

    ❖ Increases Heart Rate
    Increasing heart rate is one of the most vital aspects of any warm-up. This
    allows you to increase body temperature, blood flow, and cardiac output thus,
    preparing your body for injury-free vigorous activities.

    ❖ Increases Blood Flow to Muscle Tissues
    When we exercise, blood flow is shunted from the intestines and stomach and
    pumped towards the working muscles, lungs, heart, and brain to enhance
    muscular performance. By adding a dynamic warm-up you can ensure that
    oxygen-rich blood is being delivered to your muscles at the onset of warm-up
    and not at play.

    ❖ Prevents Injuries
    Failure to warm-up can result in muscle strains, excessive tendon and ligament
    stress (lack of muscular engagement) or general movement issues that can
    result in overuse or compensatory movement patterning injuries.
    At PRO Physical Therapy we can help you develop your own dynamic warm-up
    specifically for your activity or sport. Click on the link to see some examples of some
    beginning dynamic warm-up movements.


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